No, I wasn’t there.

But I love love love Fenway Park.

In the stadium, anywhere between 2,000 and 5,000 people remained as the Yankees broadcast lit up the Fenway Jumbotron. They erupted when Baltimore outfielder Jay Payton hit a three-run triple off Rivera. They chanted for the Orioles. They cheered every time Kevin Millar, once a postseason hero for the Red Sox, took the batter’s box, and sighed when he struck out on a fastball in the 10th.

They watched.

One spectator, Dr. Charles Steinberg, the team’s executive vice president of public affairs, sat in the field boxes, fiddling with his phone’s text messaging features as the fans around him stood and cheered.

“I’m letting the Orioles folks know how wild it is here,” said Steinberg, who, coincidentally, spent his first two decades in baseball with Baltimore.

As Steinberg talked, the Orioles mounted a 10th-inning rally. The Fenway fans rollicked and roared. Steinberg smiled.

“I was just thinking of a new scoreboard message to put up,” he said. “It would’ve been, ‘Only at Fenway would everybody stay to watch the Yankees play the Orioles.’ It’s all part of the experience. You can go out to any of the neighborhood taverns and watch it there, but the place they’d rather be is at Fenway Park.”

Go Timmy!

26 September, 2007


26 September, 2007

The new ferret (also white). (and Albino, though not normally with candy colored orange eyes)


Rear Deck

26 September, 2007

The view from my living room.



21 September, 2007

9/15/07 March On Washington

16 September, 2007

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Also, Chuckles was there.  Turns out we have something in common.