9/15/07 March On Washington

16 September, 2007

Click throught for full photos.

Also, Chuckles was there.  Turns out we have something in common.



6 Responses to “9/15/07 March On Washington”

  1. What did you have in common?

  2. mdhatter said

    Our parents have or had very serious careers with the Gov’t. We share a perspective about where “the line” is from that sort of upbringing.

    That and he’s a handsome devil.

  3. Jennifer said

    I thought you were going to say, large wangs… 🙂

    Good for you both for marching!

  4. Jennifer said

    Oh how the “picture error” mocks me… 😦

  5. Shannon said

    Thank you for marching. I wish I could’ve been there as well.

  6. Dirty Fucking Hippies, how I love them.

    They think, you know, that they have a right to speak freely or something!

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