Monday Random Ten

7 April, 2008

Because I am poor people.

  1. The Box / Orbital
  2. Gay – Not Gay / King Missile
  3. Walk on by / Cake
  4. Earth Intruders / Björk
  5. Twisting / They Might Be Giants
  6. Fat Man / Jethro Tull
  7. Breathe (Breathe in the air) / The Shins
  8. Space Oddity / David Bowie
  9. Slide / The Dresden Dolls
  10. Abbon Fat Tracks / Tricky

Damn. That’s almost car-worthy for a random mix.

3 January, 2008

In case you’re voting tomorrow and have a half hour.

or, if you prefer straight policy wonkageIraq:


Cabinet and VP:

and, the ‘unicorn chaser’


okay, the REAL unicorn chaser, your tow driver and mine, Crazy Cooter, comin atcha!

Call him a populist, but don’t call him a fake.