Master of his domain

22 April, 2008

Tuesday Dogblogging – Primary Season edition:

My Porch

Death and Taxes

15 April, 2008

Well, as usual it’s April 15th and my taxes are just now done. For once I’m getting a decent refund.


For all of you who have not yet converted, the low fee for simple taxes offered through the various tax firms online is actually a great deal, and makes e-filing a cinch. My state and federal taxes (including the part where I have to prove I have insurance to the state of MA) took a total of 25 minutes and cost zero trees, nor did I need to use the instructions.

Sweet Relief

9 April, 2008

45 Minutes
2 chairs
3 lights
2 Q-tips
2 pair tweezers
1 pair nail clippers
1 razor (for desperation, unused)
1 dab bacitracin ointment
1 fabric band-aid

all for 1 tiny sliver of wood

that I just removed from the sole of my foot.

Monday Random Ten

7 April, 2008

Because I am poor people.

  1. The Box / Orbital
  2. Gay – Not Gay / King Missile
  3. Walk on by / Cake
  4. Earth Intruders / Björk
  5. Twisting / They Might Be Giants
  6. Fat Man / Jethro Tull
  7. Breathe (Breathe in the air) / The Shins
  8. Space Oddity / David Bowie
  9. Slide / The Dresden Dolls
  10. Abbon Fat Tracks / Tricky

Damn. That’s almost car-worthy for a random mix.