24 October, 2008

No further comment required.

Russia – Bringing the funny back to politics

LiveLeak.com – Activists Release Flying Penises At Garry Kasparov Political Rally.

Monday Random Ten

7 April, 2008

Because I am poor people.

  1. The Box / Orbital
  2. Gay – Not Gay / King Missile
  3. Walk on by / Cake
  4. Earth Intruders / Björk
  5. Twisting / They Might Be Giants
  6. Fat Man / Jethro Tull
  7. Breathe (Breathe in the air) / The Shins
  8. Space Oddity / David Bowie
  9. Slide / The Dresden Dolls
  10. Abbon Fat Tracks / Tricky

Damn. That’s almost car-worthy for a random mix.

Bigger Dog

27 March, 2008

Super Tuesday

4 February, 2008

I’ve decided.


When I’ve discussed him with my friends, I hear a lot of concern that he lacks experience, and is more talk than walk.

I disagree.

This is a man who has shown both in the US Senate and in the Illinois legislature that he can understand AND respect both sides of an issue, can find the middle ground, and can entice those with divergent viewpoints to sign on in their own interest.

It’s a rare skill.

Also, he IS a total policy wonk. He’s just way better than Gore is at not boring people to tears.

I encourage you to vote for Barack Obama in the 2008 democratic primaries.

Puppies and Robots

28 January, 2008

In case you, for one, do not welcome your robot overlords, may I recommend a puppy?

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