24 October, 2008

No further comment required.

Wall Street is dead.

21 September, 2008

I just heard about this on the BBC, though this is AP copy [emphasis mine]

“The Federal Reserve said Sunday it had granted a request by the country’s last two major investment banks — Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley — to change their status to bank holding companies.”

In under two weeks, Wall Street in NYC has ceased to be the investment banking capital of the world.

Let me say that again:

NYC has ceased to be

the investment banking capital

of the world.

Related new, the Public Debt:

09/21/2008 $9,664,631,803,259.07
minus 09/30/2000 $5,674,178,209,886.86

equals $ in the “red” over 8 years.

that’s 3,990,453,593,372.21 divided by 303,824,640 people

equals $13,134.07 eachbabies included!!! – and that’s just the –change– over 8 years.

Is it really any wonder that some people want receipts from voting machines?

Russia – Bringing the funny back to politics

LiveLeak.com – Activists Release Flying Penises At Garry Kasparov Political Rally.

9/15/07 March On Washington

16 September, 2007

Click throught for full photos.

Also, Chuckles was there.  Turns out we have something in common.



Osama bin Hide’n

10 September, 2007

If indeed Bin Laden has dyed his beard, it would also suggest that far from being holed up in a cave, he has access to modern goods and perhaps facilities

You know, modern goods, like hair dye. or a VIDEO CAMERA.

how effing dumb.

In Toronto?

22 August, 2007

This is a story about a very very very smart man.

I’ve seen those guys (not those exact guys) at protests before. Too old and built to be front line anarchists, and never EVER solo.


(the comments about the boots are spot on, though)