Tomorrow (Saturday) at Noon some people will be meeting at the White House for a protest. I have no idea how many, but I rather expect it to be a lot.  We will be yelling at the knuckleheads in charge to stop fucking killing people in distant lands in our name. I’ll be there with my American flag.


6 years of nonsense isn’t enough to change what that flag does, in fact, stand for.

Coming soon to a town near me

12 September, 2007

3/4 of a mile, and about a month, to be more precise. Hooray!


12 September, 2007

If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit! The defense rests.

Fire! Fire!

11 September, 2007


No AG, it’s fine. It’s a cake, they do that.

{/demolition derby reference}

Happy Birthday!

General, Our nation has in the past felt it sufficient to train our own conscript armies for six to eight weeks before sending them overseas to face our former German, Korean, and Vietnamese opponents; as the insurgency in Iraq is using guerrilla tactics and weapons not much advanced beyond those of the 1950’s and 1960’s, with no force multiplication (air power, sea power, WMD); how is  it that it is taking us 2 years to ‘develop’ an iraqi force of any significant competence, and can anything be done to fight that root cause?

(Like us splitting the country in half and leaving)

Fight! Fight! Fight! …. WTF?

10 September, 2007

I SO want this to happen next Red Sox / Yankees game.