29 October, 2007

adopt your own virtual pet!


29 October, 2007

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A whale of a time

4 October, 2007

No. Not Whalom Park.

Not Whale watching.

each of which is within easy reach.

But a whale of a time.


3 October, 2007

“Aardman Animations has announced that the cheese-loving inventor and his loyal dog will star in Trouble At’ Mill – to screen on BBC One in late 2008.”

I generally do. I notice when I don’t.

But this is just a little surreal.

When water in two beakers is exposed to a high voltage, a floating water bridge forms between the beakers. Credit: Elmar Fuchs, et al.

Wow. That is weird in a really fundamental way. How did this escape notice earlier?