31 August, 2007

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By popular request

31 August, 2007

We think he’s 1/2 Gordon Setter and 1/2 Australian Shepherd. I see the flat-coated too, but he’s black and tan like the Gordon.

Awesome dogs, Gordon Setters. Heavier than the irish setter, sturdier than the english setter. Really they’re ‘scottish’ setters.

Best thing about him, he looks you right in the eyes. He is people

Oh, and he loves cats.   (click for bigger pics)


Dog Blogging

31 August, 2007

My Dog, taken last October in Maine. 110 lbs of warmth on a cold night. He’s now 12, and in amazing;y good health for a dog his size. “Best Friend” barely scratches the surface.



31 August, 2007

So, this is the new digs.

If anyone for whatever reason wants to go look at the old place it’s at It exists solely as archives, which I am far too lazy to transfer over (especially since my blogging is all crap anyhow)

blogger was fine for the job, until Google bought them. Now if I want to stay logged into my gmail, it keeps me logged in on blogger too. Too bad I don’t use the same name, and don’t want them linke that way. C’est la vie. Plenty of free blogging ware in the land.

Sort of wish I had something worthwhile to say today. Nope.

AG’s world

28 August, 2007

Derby10825072015.jpgUC Sheep

In case you missed it

27 August, 2007

Wow. God bless the US of Americans.

And South Africa and Iraqis