Good until it wasnt

4 February, 2009

Well, this year has been pretty good so far.

A nice inauguration, news that my mom’s treatment is progressing positively, and I’ve even been invited to interview for some positions that I didn’t even put in for.

But there is a problem. One of my best friends crossed a serious line Sunday night. He was wasted drunk at the end of a party and tried to make me beat him up by attacking me with his closed fists and even a glass (and a bottle, which someone else took from him).

It sucks, because I almost beat the living crap out of him. It’s a bad situation. I don;t do that and he’s already used his ‘get out of jail free card’ with me over this sort of thing. He told me that he didn’t want to fight me per se, but that he wanted someone to beat him up,and there I was. Mostly sober me.

Mostly sober me who took it for 3 hours before finally raising an open handed welt on his face. I just bear hugged him up to that point when he tried to tackle me.

I really think I need to cut my losses, because I am becoming convinced I can’t help him anymore. We’ve had talks about him and liquor.

Any advice? I could use it. When do you just cut your losses?

New Year

31 December, 2008

Happy New Year.

Hopefully 2009 is better than this New Years Eve has been.

…can’t be much worse.

that’s obviously not true, it could be 365 worse days – and at this rate it’s what I expect.

My New Years Resolution is this : Say No.

Nothing personal Jennifer, but saying yes and putting in an honest effort just seems to piss more people off in the end. So fuck y’all.

What I want for Thanksgiving

25 November, 2008

What Atrios Said

5 November, 2008


All Set

4 November, 2008

Obama – Biden



State races: D, D, D, D, D, D,   , D, D

1 – no

2 – Yes

3 – Yes

4 – Yes (cape wind and others, non binding)

There was a 1/2 mile long line of cars in both directions (along the main road) at the polling place as I arrived, and the mile long line as I left. And I noticed that cars – all the way back – well out of sight of the turn – already had their turn signals on, and there was no other road for them to turn onto. Those signals were communication, and nobody seemed stressed out.

It felt much less like traffic and seemed more like the line to the parking lot at a concert.

Once in, busy but no line. Simple ballot and smiling people.

I can’t wait to not want to vote party line.

A Meme

1 November, 2008

The borrowing of the meme from Jennifer at Saying Yes:

My uncle once: Drove me to the ER after his dog bit my hand quite badly.

Never in my life: have I cheated on a lover.

When I was five: I read at a 3rd grade level.

High school was: Torturous because of my stutter, tolerable because of good friends.

I will never forget: Watching salmon spawn.

Once I met: Madeline Albright.

There’s this girl I know: who reminds me of me 12 years ago…

Once at a bar: I ended a fight…

By noon, I’m usually: pining for a third cup of coffee.

Last night: I had beers with friends from high school.

If I only had: the words.

Next time I go to church: I will donate every dime I can scrounge for the heating oil fund. My church – to the extend I attend – has about 10 active members. I do not count myself as one.

What worries me most: That those we are not with may be against us.

What I miss most about the 1980’s:  The Pixies

If I were a Shakespeare character, I’d be: Mercutio.

A better name for me would be: Mercutio

I have a hard time understanding: business administraton

If I ever go back to school: I would not get an MBA.

You know I like you if: I make you coffee.

Take my advice, never: go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

My ideal breakfast is: Coffee, NPR

Why won’t people: use their turn signals?

The world could do without: Asteroids.

My favorite blondes are: Gitanes

If I do anything well, it’s: make coffee.

And by the way: would you like a cup of coffee?