8 August, 2009




As seen from the highway

6 Responses to “GARY!!!!!”

  1. Lefty said

    I’m not so sure I’ve been to Gary, although I feel like since I drove east out of Chicago at least once I should have.

    Now that you’re back you have to recapture your audience for a third time!

  2. mdh said

    don’t call it a comeback.

  3. Jennifer said

    Ok, I had tried to leave a comment from Grizzled’s BlackBerry, but apparently it didn’t work…

    Lovely photo.

    Gary and the South Side of Chicago can be beautiful at night.

  4. Lefty?


    Has the blogging world lost all meaning?

    You’re missing AG becoming nice.

    You’d hate it like ZRM.

    I love it. That Empire is mine, all mine!

  5. Lefty said

    AG: I’ve sort of been absorbed into the Facebook borg instead.

  6. Jennifer said

    I figure if I check every once in awhile… there might be something new. 🙂

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