GM says Goodbye?

17 February, 2009

to Hummer, Saturn, and apparently Saab.

Saab?? GM can totally sell Saab. Ideally to Subaru.


16 Responses to “GM says Goodbye?”

  1. Lefty said

    Eh. I dated a Saab once. Overrated.

  2. Jennifer said

    Someone seems to be taking an Eternity on a different post. Is it Evolving? Is it Ever going to bE finished? Egads.

  3. Jennifer said

    Evidently, I’m being toyed with…

  4. mdh said

    Erroneous explanation. Expect exhaustive exposition expeditiosly, ere ennui ensue.

  5. Mike said

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  6. Where was Fish with the bad hummer joke?!!

  7. Lefty said

    Over half a month later I saw you on I think TPM. Update! They didn’t flesh out Starbuck’s dad though…

  8. Jennifer said



  9. Lefty said

    Hey it’s not filled with spam here!

  10. Lefty said

    Oh come back MDH! You can block on your iPod Touch can’t you?

  11. Lefty said

    Um, blog, not block. Whatever.

  12. mdh said

    I can, but I still don’t.

    Soon enough. Soon enough.

  13. Jennifer said

    Could be time for a new post… you know, once a quarter, whether you need to or not..

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