New Year

31 December, 2008

Happy New Year.

Hopefully 2009 is better than this New Years Eve has been.

…can’t be much worse.

that’s obviously not true, it could be 365 worse days – and at this rate it’s what I expect.

My New Years Resolution is this : Say No.

Nothing personal Jennifer, but saying yes and putting in an honest effort just seems to piss more people off in the end. So fuck y’all.

14 Responses to “New Year”

  1. mdh said

    although, of course, not you (jennifer if Saying Yes), personally. I mean my friends, generally.

  2. Jennifer said

    Sometimes going with the flow means saying no. 🙂

  3. Jennifer said

    So… how’s the first week of the year been??

  4. Chuckles said

    I would like to belated state my support of mdhatter in pretty much all things. Sorry I couldn’t be more timely. I also sincerely hope that things improve in 2009.

  5. Sweeetie! Call or e-mail me. You need AG love.

    I am blogging at Billy P’s these days. Stop by…

  6. Lefty said

    See, if you had hung out with me on NYE, it wouldn’t have been so crappy! I almost thought your site went dark, but it was a local connectivity problem.

  7. I would have hung out with Lefty. Thanks for asking. Bastard!

  8. Lefty said

    It was a last minute decision which let me hang out with anyone but the living room couch as it is. But I ended up going to the place MDH said he was going to.

    How’ya doing anyway AG?

  9. I’m great, Lefty!

    I am blogging at a new home:

    Please come by since MdHatter has forgotten all about his REAL love, AG!

    We totally all need to get together soon. I am home in February for a 50th birthday party on the Northshore or out to Amherst in April to see David Sedaris.

    I miss you kids! I also miss the meat at Blue Ribbon BBQ.

  10. Lefty said

    You’re turning 50?

  11. mdh said

    That’s what *I* said. 50?!? Turns out I know someone who works for David Sedaris. Small world.

  12. AG is not turning 50, you silly goose!

    AG knows someone who is turning 50.


    What next?

    Rumors that AG schtups gentiles?!

    MDH, would it kill you to come by AG’s new home? Honestly. And you too, Lefty.

  13. mdh said

    Not here you don’t, missy. No schtuping on my blog. Heck, I barely do that here.

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