24 October, 2008

No further comment required.

10 Responses to “Whasssuup?”

  1. Hater, I left you some love over at Chuckie-love’s blog.

    Ask him who slept in his bed last besides him?!!!!

    Do it. Do it!!!!!

    And then kick his ass for not telling me he hooked up with Billy P. but never invited AG. Um, AG is LOVELY in person. Thank you!

  2. mdh said

    to the first part

  3. Lefty said

    Good. I’m at corporate headquarters learning how to be an “architect”. I hope I pass tomorrow. And not pass … out.

  4. Adorable Girlfriend said

    You have to go to art school and suffer for at least five years for that. Right, Billy Pilgrim?

  5. mdh said

    I’m sure Lefty meant software architect.

  6. Lefty said

    Hence the scare quotes. Actually, the test will be e-mailed to me next week, so I didn’t have to pass anything today. Good nuff, passing things hurts from what I understand.

    And you can go to an engineering school to be a building architect. There’s lots of engineering involved in that.

  7. mdh said

    So do you need one of those stripey hats now?

    choo! choooooooo! all aboard!

  8. mdh said

    And yeah, I hope you pass the test without paper cuts. If you get stuck you can always…. work it out with a pencil.

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