Wall Street is dead.

21 September, 2008

I just heard about this on the BBC, though this is AP copy [emphasis mine]

“The Federal Reserve said Sunday it had granted a request by the country’s last two major investment banks — Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley — to change their status to bank holding companies.”

In under two weeks, Wall Street in NYC has ceased to be the investment banking capital of the world.

Let me say that again:

NYC has ceased to be

the investment banking capital

of the world.

Related new, the Public Debt:

09/21/2008 $9,664,631,803,259.07
minus 09/30/2000 $5,674,178,209,886.86

equals $ in the “red” over 8 years.

that’s 3,990,453,593,372.21 divided by 303,824,640 people

equals $13,134.07 eachbabies included!!! – and that’s just the –change– over 8 years.

Is it really any wonder that some people want receipts from voting machines?


7 Responses to “Wall Street is dead.”

  1. Lefty said

    Well, I think your assessment of the death of Wall St. is premature. But certainly, we’re in for a long period of time that’s very different than what we’re used to. By “we” I assign more blame to other generations than the one I claim membership in. However, this too shall pass. I just hope I keep my job (as do lots of other people too).

  2. Lefty said

    Thinking about it — I assign blame for just about everything that’s wrong with the United States to the Baby Boomer generation. They got to do all the drugs without the mandatory minimums, do all the fucking without AIDS, live the entirety of their lives in an expanding economy. They fucking deserve to have their pensions zapped. Except, of course, my parents.

  3. mdh said

    premature, maybe, hyperbolic – indeed.

    My parents aren’t boomers really. Fuck your parents!

  4. Lefty said

    I suspect your parents have a very good pension. The service (used to do) that for people.

  5. mdh said

    More than likely correct. He’s done well for a street urchin from J.P.

  6. Chuckles said

    The times could get less interesting any day now. Any day now.

    Seriously, stop being interesting.

  7. Jennifer said

    Wall Street: “I’m not dead yet!”… as it’s loaded on the cart and wheeled away.

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