Shout Out to A. Marcotte

3 August, 2008

Patriarchy as practiced, summarized in two and a half paragraphs.

Good stuff.

[edit: the apparently missing half paragraph is the one where you sit there letting it sink in]


5 Responses to “Shout Out to A. Marcotte”

  1. It would have been better if Amanda went over there and told the guy to kiss her cunt.

    Did AG just type that

  2. Lefty said

    I sort of don’t get it. I mean, I get it, but I don’t get its emphasis as compared to anything else she’s written. I guess I always thought the whole point was to infantilize any subjugated class. Cf. the usage of “boy”. Is there something more profound that I’m missing? (Seriously)

  3. mdhatter said

    No, seriously, there isn’t. You know my background Lefty, anything to the left of Ayn Rand i learned in college, and since the feminists were the angriest, I learned the least from them at the time.

    So, no, I’ve actually been that dense for this long.

  4. Lefty said

    I’ve found myself reading Pandagon again now that Jesse’s back. It’s sorta weird; he leaves blogging for several years and then is back like he never left.

  5. mdhatter said

    don’t call it a comeback…

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