I love San Francisco SO HARD!

25 June, 2008

as there ever been a more fitting way to remember a President?

“Most politicians tend to be narcissistic and egomaniacs,” said Brian McConnell, an organizer who regularly suits up as Uncle Sam to solicit signatures. “So it is important for satirists to help define their history rather than letting them define their own history.”


“You got a bunch of guys drunk who came up with an idea,” Mr. Epstein said, “and want to put on the ballot as a big joke without regard to the city’s governance or cost.”

Just doo it!!!!


10 Responses to “I love San Francisco SO HARD!”

  1. Lefty said

    I just flushed with pride when I saw this story. It makes me want to scream how America is number one! And our President is number two!

  2. Who doesn’t love San Fran?!

    Lefty, when are you going to start blogging here? AG needs more blogs to visit with groupies that can adore her!!

  3. mdhatter said

    Yeah lefty, you want a home on the intarwebs? We can rename the joint.

  4. Chuckles said

    Totally appropriate. I wonder what the actual cost of this would be.

  5. mdhatter said

    less than landing a S-3 Viking on an Aircraft Carrier, I’ll wager.

    Flushin’ Accomplished!

  6. Kathleen said

    could they have found a lamer opponent of the initiative? I guess that was the best they could do.

  7. Well, is Lefty in or out?!!

  8. Lefty said

    Usually in — I’ve generally had a lack of out, which may be a problem if you’re a blogger. I’m in for the groupie part though.

  9. What?!!

    Blogging is the best. You totally have to try it. It’s like cocaine, but better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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