Death and Taxes

15 April, 2008

Well, as usual it’s April 15th and my taxes are just now done. For once I’m getting a decent refund.


For all of you who have not yet converted, the low fee for simple taxes offered through the various tax firms online is actually a great deal, and makes e-filing a cinch. My state and federal taxes (including the part where I have to prove I have insurance to the state of MA) took a total of 25 minutes and cost zero trees, nor did I need to use the instructions.

7 Responses to “Death and Taxes”

  1. Snag said

    I don’t mind paying taxes. I’m a stinking liberal, though.

  2. mdhatter said

    It’s not the taxes I mind, it’s the forms.

    Death and Paperwork would have been a better title.

  3. Not true. I paid close to $200 for Turbo Tax and had to mail two of the four myself!

    Total BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lefty said

    AG: Remember, though, mdh only gets a top ten.

  5. mdhatter said

    Good ref, old man.

  6. Kathleen said

    excellent! refunds are always nice.

    It was very generous of you to give the government a four-month interest free loan. /tease

  7. Jennifer said

    We need more ferret blogging… and that pooch, where is that pooch?

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