Puppies and Robots

28 January, 2008

In case you, for one, do not welcome your robot overlords, may I recommend a puppy?

as seen on TechEBlog

6 Responses to “Puppies and Robots”

  1. Snag said

    When I think of the work I used to accomplish before the invention of the intertubes, I want to cry.

  2. Kathleen said

    That video delivered even better than I expected from a Puppy Vs. Robot video.

    Do not expect kittens to resist robot overlords. My cats would freak the fuck out at that thing.

  3. mdhatter said

    Snag, that is so very true, but was any of your work as cute as that puppy?

    Kathleen, I would expect kittens to find a way to nap on them – after running away a few times.

  4. Snag said

    Oh, don’t misunderstand me. I want to cry at all the time I used to spend working not all the time I spend now watching puppy videos.

  5. That’s one hell of a watchpuppy. What a funny video!

  6. Chuckles said

    Helob would probably ignore the robot until it got too close (within an inch) and then she would scuttle away.

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