Apparently I should vote for….

21 January, 2008

Your Web browser software doesn’t support frames, but you can visit Select A Candidate™ at

It told me to vote for Hillary. I’m still not going to.


4 Responses to “Apparently I should vote for….”

  1. Lefty said

    It chose Kucinich for me (of course). I’m not voting for him either, because he frankly pisses me off. While I respect him tacitly acknowledging that he will never win, he certainly seems to relish the act of being a spoiler. Maybe that’s needed, who knows. The whole system is broken and un-understandable.

  2. Kathleen said

    That quiz needs some work, esp the home mortgage one. That was ridiculous.

    It told me to vote for John Edwards. I still haven’t decided. Ever time I think I do, that person does something to annoy me and so I switch around.

  3. fish said

    I got Edwards also, which I guess I would predict. No Greens were included even though Guliani was…

  4. Tie between Edwards and Obama with Hilary a close 2nd. That makes sense – I would vote for any of the democratic candidates were I allowed to vote. Chillingly, my lowest compatibility was with McCain, who I consider likely to win the damn nomination.

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