The last 10 days

14 January, 2008

Well, it began with my guy not winning in IA.  C’est la vie.

Then it really began when 525,870 people turned up to vote in the NH primaries.

I am sure I no longer have the words to express my feelings about the way things are just now in this country, but man, seeing about 60% of the voters turn out for a PRIMARY??

Wow.  Good stuff.

And then lately I’ve even heard Obama proposing sound policy initiatives, worthy of debate.  I was flabbergasted to hear that there is actually substance there.  Don’t get me wrong, his ability to find the common ground (as demonstrated repeatedly in the Illinois legislature) is profoundly impressive. It’s a skill that few have. Now that he is talking about specific ideas (and not just about hope) without contradicting himself OR reality, I like him even more.

Well, now I have some hope back. I’m not sure it matters anymore to me if Obama or Edwards gets the nomination. Either one is electable. Either one is hope enough. I’ve needed it. It’s been a dark time since 2000.

I want to vote for Edwards, but I also don’t want to see Hillary Clinton getting my state’s delegates. The last time I faced this conundrum I helped get Nader just enough votes to screw us all.  I knew it might happen, but it was what it was.

Bush was the Y2k bug.

So, that said, I’m taking advice on where to go from here.  Who should I vote for? Edwards? or Obama?

4 Responses to “The last 10 days”

  1. Kathleen said

    I’m still torn as well. Give me advice!!

  2. Lefty said

    Massachusetts was not responsible for Bush v. Gore. It went decisively for Gore regardless of your piddling vote (and mine) for Nader.

    Unfortunately, your vote is still piddling. Massachusetts will go for Clinton if it looks like she still has a chance on Super Tuesday (it’s Super Tuesday right?), otherwise for Obama. I’m probably spending my piddling vote on Edwards, but it doesn’t really matter. None of them are Ho Ho.

  3. Nobody saw how much of a disaster Bush was going to be. At most, we saw him as a bumbling one termer, like his paw. Cheney was a wild card; it was hard to even fathom how evil the man is.

    Wisconsin didn’t matter for Nader either; but encouraging him helped make FLA a toss up.

    This election? even Clinton will be a step in the right direction, however small.

  4. Lefty said

    I disagree. I knew from the get go that the Bush administration was going to be terrible terrible terrible. What I guess I didn’t realize was that it was going to be terrible terrible terrible terrible evil terrible horrible terrible cataclysmic. I just saw the people the guy surrounded himself with — it’s like they disappeared into the dark crevices only to come out during the nighttime of the next Republican administration to suck America’s sleeping carcass dry. Seriously, I hadn’t seen Jerry Falwell’s fat (now thankfully rotting dead) face in 10 years before late in the 2000 race, and then all of a sudden I saw him all the time?

    Basically, the second republic is dying a drawn out distended death. Either we will go the way of the Romans or perhaps even worse. If we’re lucky, after Civil War II (Electric Boogaloo) if the good guys win hopefully the resulting constitution will address the fundamental problems of our country. Namely, problems like the stranglehold of the flow of information held by the same entities which own the military industrial apparatus, leading to ignorance of the masses. C’mon, we’re a country that at more than half at least profess to think that God waved his magic wand 6000 years ago and created dinosaurs, unicorns and man all at the same time.

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