You think you can handle it?

24 December, 2007

So, you want to play my Atari?

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2 Responses to “You think you can handle it?”

  1. Lefty said

    I remember the first Atari I saw. Yes, at that time it was not a 2600, but just “an Atari”. It was at David Gee’s (who, if you believe my Googling skills, is now a jam maker in Oregon) house. Not only did this kid have an Atari, but his brother had an amazing nudie magazine stash which he, myself and my friend all raided for our own copy each.

    He also was the kid in the playground who would put his hand down his pants and stick his finger out his fly to pretend it was his penis, only to do the switcheroo after the kids caught on that it was just his finger and actually stick his penis out his fly. Funny kid.

    I think he was also the one with the joke: Why did the lady slap the midget? Because he went up to her and said “Gee your hair smells terrific!”. This was 1980.

  2. mdhatter said

    And, that was Phil Hartman.

    good story, man.

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