You can get anything you want

21 November, 2007

We all must join the Alices Restaurant anti-massacre movement

FYI – that officer obie is also this officer obie,


6 Responses to “You can get anything you want”

  1. Lefty said

    But yet the swivel stools surely aren’t in Alice’s restaurant. I always had imagined Alice’s restaurant to be kind of an ad-hoc-not-really-a-restaurant-but-rather-a-sort-of-some-tables-and-whatever-she-was-feeling-like-serving-that-day kind of place. Certainly not one with swivel stools.

  2. Lefty said

    Okay, now having seen the trailer, although not ever having seen the movie, it seems that I was close. Alice’s restaurant is actually a big white room, with a really long table and lots of people singing.

  3. mdhatter said

    no, that’s the church, in Housatonic.

    The restaurant is in Stockbridge center.

    and that diner is in Lee.

  4. Lefty said

    I got a rock.

  5. mdhatter said

    you could get anything… and you get a rock?

    you blockhead.

  6. Snag said

    How about a moose? Can I get one of those?

    NPR had an interesting interview with Alice the other day.

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