29 October, 2007

adopt your own virtual pet!

7 Responses to “Iris”

  1. Lefty said

    OK, so what exactly was Iris?

  2. Lefty said

    Wait, I see, wordpress is neutering the link and only rendering the “adopt your own virtual pet” part.

  3. Kathleen said

    poor Iris! we want to meet her!

  4. I think I might adopt the hamster and name him Ralph.

  5. mdhatter said

    Hah! I haven’t even been to my own blog since I posted that. This is why I am a bad programmer, I do something and don’t always check to make sure it works before moving on. I’ll fix it now though.

  6. mdhatter said

    or not, i need to kick this thing i the word pressticles.

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