Fight! Fight! Fight! …. WTF?

10 September, 2007

I SO want this to happen next Red Sox / Yankees game.

3 Responses to “Fight! Fight! Fight! …. WTF?”

  1. That is the most WTF thing ever, mdhatter! I laughed my head off watching that. But then I needed an explanation. There’s no way normal people fight doing the chicken dance. This is a comment from the YouTube comments:

    lols.. how cute..
    for those who are confused..
    the two teams are comprised of korean stars/entertainers..
    and the pitcher threw a bean bag instead of the ball..
    and to out of frustration the hitter was gonna vent his anger at the pitcher.. but obviously cos theyre all close and also for their image sakes they just turned it into that ^^
    plus the hitter is a comedian.. so i guess thats his way of being funny ^^

  2. mdhatter said

    Did you read a while back about how asian emoticon’ers use the carats to indicate the eyes, and the european emoticon’ers use the parenthetic mouth?


  3. Chuckles said

    Shit, I thought that was how you have a baseball fight when everyone is a black belt in taekwondo. If every fight involved two people who could kill each other with relative ease, they wouldn’t fight all that often.

    I was in a lecture in an anthro class where the professor talked about the complete lack of bar fights around the banana plantations in Central America. Everyone had a machete and those machetes were all coated in arsenic to keep the trees from developing infections after the bananas were cut off (I think that was the reason). Man, no one wanted to start shit in those bars.

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