Dog Blogging

31 August, 2007

My Dog, taken last October in Maine. 110 lbs of warmth on a cold night. He’s now 12, and in amazing;y good health for a dog his size. “Best Friend” barely scratches the surface.


3 Responses to “Dog Blogging”

  1. Jennifer said

    Nice puffers! What kind of pooch is he? He looks like he could be a mix of retrievers, both golden and flat coat. He also looks like there could be some newfoundland in there.

    12 is amazing for a dog that size. He looks great.

  2. daveminnj said

    more! more!

  3. I’ve met his horse, I mean dog, in person.

    He’s his best friend until he continues the foundation digging he’s up to and the house sinks in. Then it will be someone else’s best friend.

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