By popular request

31 August, 2007

We think he’s 1/2 Gordon Setter and 1/2 Australian Shepherd. I see the flat-coated too, but he’s black and tan like the Gordon.

Awesome dogs, Gordon Setters. Heavier than the irish setter, sturdier than the english setter. Really they’re ‘scottish’ setters.

Best thing about him, he looks you right in the eyes. He is people

Oh, and he loves cats.   (click for bigger pics)



6 Responses to “By popular request”

  1. Kathleen said

    awwww. He looks so noble.

  2. Jennifer said

    “He is people”


    He looks so much like the dog my husband had when I met him. I’ll have to see if I can find a pic.

  3. daveminnj said

    thought i’d tell you-
    i made the first photo of cat
    snoozing on dog’s shoulder
    my new screensaver. a nice
    change of pace from my
    sunrise on ocean photo.

  4. mdhatter said


    The cat is named Fung-wah (after the discount bus line with the CRAZY team drivers). It’s a shame they weren’t sitting on the nice couch.

    and Thank you

  5. Dave, you totally need a blog. How are we to believe you indeed have a cat without a blog to destory the comments section? 🙂

    Where’s the feret? That little fury creature I hide from?

  6. mdhatter said

    You want stoat blogging?

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